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 I. Michelle loves being a girl and everything that comes along with it!  One of the things she has always disliked was her ever-fluctuating weight and the fact that buying clothes were so hard to find for her curvaceous figure!   Her weight is seldom the same, being a pear-shaped woman, she has always stated how extremely difficult it is to keep weight steady.  She was born with curves (No BBL here), however she constantly found it difficult to find clothes that fit her curves and gave her the confidence that she wanted.

Working mostly in a corporate office, she wanted quality clothes that were flattering, but she didn't want to have to break the bank to fund them. She wanted those clothes to transfer from the office and for a night out on the town.  She would find pants to fit her bottom, but they never seem to fit her waist. She wanted classic staples that she could mix and match in her closet and accessorize them with bold beautiful jewelry pieces. She wanted classic staples that she could mix and match in her closet and accessorize them with bold beautiful jewelry pieces.

She began researching, looking for the best American clothing designers and looking for classic clothing items to pair with killer accessories.  She wanted to bring to the market classic, timeless clothing, and accessories that never go out of style. That's why we shop the world for the best curvy girl fashions, so you don't have to.  Welcome to the Curvy Girl Attic!


Meet I. Michelle and her beautiful, curvaceous daughter Simone.  They work together to research and curate items that will fit and flatter your curves.  They do the upfront research, testing clothes and sampling jewelry so that you don't have to. Curvy Girl Attic utilizes many U.S. clothing designers that we feature on our website, along with many European and other diverse brands. We are currently working on expanding the Curvy Girl Attic to include more Artisan clothing and jewelry collections for those of you who love hand crafted items as much as I. Michelle does.  Simone is currently working on testing leisure wear and comfy clothing to expand our offerings.


While they are always looking to expand the line of classic Curvy Girl Attic brands, be on the lookout for the couture and leisure collections coming early in 2023. Until stay curvy and check back often.  Your opinion matters, so if there are items that you like to see us research and feature, use our feedback form, we are always listening.

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