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Introducing our Signature Fat Burning Waist trainer, designed to help burn fat and get the curves that you desire. This waist trainer is designed with THREE rows of clamps to help adjust to your smaller waist, helping to eliminate the need to immediately purchase a smaller size.  It has steel boning to help contour the waist with a laytex shell to help heat up and melt body fat. This waist trainer was specifically designed to help you do the following:


- Contour and align the body to retrain the anatomical positioning of the internal organs.

- The thermogenic layer helps to heat up the core to burn body fat.

- Helps to retrict over eating by making you feel full and slowly reduce the size of the stomach

   by limiting the amount of food you can ingest.

- Adjustable - 3 different sizes in one garment

- Sleek so it can be worn in the gym and with everyday clothing to be almost undetectable.


Each waist trainer has beautiful black satin outer with the Signature MyPearLife logo.

Pear (wearing her waist trainer in the photos) was constantly asked if she waist trained and her response was always a resounding, "Yes!".  While she did it to help with the problems that she was having with her back (scoliosis), she did not realize that it was helping her to maintain her curves.  Pear is 50 years old and showing women of all ages, we do not have to settle for the meni-pot that she was told by her doctor.  While using the Fat Loss Fix supplements, combined with clean eating, Pear was able to get down her waist to 29 inches and you can improve your waist and reduce your tummy too!

Signature Fat Burning Waist Trainer

$69.99 Regular Price
$52.49Sale Price
  • Special Return Instructions:

    Due to the hygenic nature of this product we are not able to accept returns on Lingerie most other items all for a 14 day return policy if unworn with tags.  Please refer to the fitting of this garmet to ensure proper fit.  Please use the CONTACT US form found on the HOME page for additional questions.  If you use the chart and for some reason is does not fit, please email us at:

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